Art Attack

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Ever since our son started nursery, there has been something that I’ve been pondering…

What the hell do parents do with all the “art work” and creative items that their offspring draw/make/paint?

I’m not going to lie, as much as I am far from a hoarder, I do like to keep things of sentimental value. Recently, I have been inspired by a blogger on Instagram called “Organised Motherhood” and been sorting out all my cupboard and drawers, it’s been very therapeutic but my husband thinks I’ve gone mad! I have happily chucked away clothes I don’t wear, random bits of crap that finds its way into my bedside drawer and a variety of other things but, when it comes to sentimental things, that i’ve been given by someone, I really struggle to get rid, especially my sons art work.

When I thought about being a parent, in my pre-baby days, I naively looked forward to colouring and painting with my child. The reality, as we all come to find out about parenthood, if far different. The Boy is not a huge fan of crafts and messy play. He says he wants to do it and then two minutes later he’s bored and I’m stressing out by the mess being created. Even colouring he’s not that fond of. Something I did as a child most days and I’m hoping our daughter likes it too. I still love a bit of colouring now! So you must be thinking “What’s your problem? It doesn’t sound like your son creates that much art work?!” Well, nursery began sending his crafts home but pre-school has took it to a whole new level!

All this brings me onto the topic of this post, what do you do with it all?

The way I see it, there are three options:


Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and the little old lady who lives a couple doors down. These people will gladly receive a piece of artwork from your child and they love it even more if you put a little note on it and ask the child to give it to them. They present it with a beaming smile and BOOM, you’ve off loaded a piece of artwork and don’t have to feel like the worst parent in the world for chucking it!


You can keep it and display it. Most parents have a fridge full of pictures from their children. This is a nice idea but there is only so much space on the fridge, what to do when it gets full? I’ve recently (in my organising phase) took all the stuff off the side of the fridge because I felt it was looking messy. We are lucky enough to have a playroom and I have hung several cheap, colourful IKEA frames on the wall to display Mini R’s artwork in and I also stick things on the back of the playroom door but that is starting to fill up now!


You can chuck it. Push all guilty thoughts to the back of your mind and throw it in the bin….recycling bin that is. You don’t want to feel guilty about damaging the planet as well as chuckling your beloved son/daughters artwork that they spent time and energy lovingly making. Hilariously, there has been a green piece of paper floating around our kitchen area for a week or so, it had a few stamps on it but nothing amazing. Our son insisted it was for Daddy but Daddy kept leaving it at home (he doesn’t have the kind of job where he can put it up anywhere at work) and every time I tried to chuck it, he found it! Moral of the story, when you chuck it, make sure it’s in the outside bin so they can’t see it!

Judge the artwork and decide if it’s:

  • something you want to keep because you like it, such as the above pictures.
  • something that can be offloaded to a family member
  • or something like the below…

Let’s be completely honest, its a paper plate with polystyrene on it and a doily with some scribbles on. There’s not even been an attempt to paint the plate with polystyrene on it! BIN!

I’ve only just thrown away the very first Easter bonnet we made together (see picture below). This was a little difficult to chuck BUT it’s so big! It doesn’t fit into the folder I have for his work and I had to ask myself “Will he want to see it when he’s older?”. Probably not!


Please get in touch and let me know what you do with your kiddies artwork and makings! Do you have any funny stories about them? I’d love to hear them!

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Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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12 Responses to Art Attack

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  3. GOOD question. I know a lot of people decorate the walls with it. We keep some, and cunningly bin some too….so far! But I’m not sure how long that strategy will work. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x


  4. Miri,
    We are are calling in our house an explosion of artwork class
    With 2 boys, I had to create the App Keepy , it’s now being used to save kids artwork schoolwork and memories by more then 250,000 moms and dads
    It will crop for you the photos, let you tag your kids with their age, will let you record the chatting about what they did, and even let you share with the grandparents


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  5. randommusings29 says:

    I can imagine it’s hard to part with it, but I dare say you attach way more sentimentality to it than he does. I would tell him once the frames are full that’s it and let him choose which to keep and which to throw away
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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  6. RachelSwirl says:

    I will tell Mr Maker this when I see him live next week… lol
    I personally have two large cardboard boxes (one for each child). They are displayed on the fridge and when more ‘art’ arrives, the previous work goes into the box for storage.

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  7. Louise says:

    It’s hard to know what to do with it all, isn’t it? I have a folder that I keep some of the key pieces in – first time doing things, pieces of artwork that I particularly love. I photograph quite a lot of the others so that we have a record of them (most of the bigger pieces ended up being blogged about anyway so I have a record of them on my blog) and then I do just chuck the rest. Paintings can work quite well as background paper for card making – we’ve used a few that way and the bonus is you get an extra craft project out of it .

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  8. marmeemarch says:

    Not done it myself as I’m too lazy but I’ve seen people take photos and keep a collection that way. We have a box in both the girls rooms and fill it with their art work and then once a yearish I go through it and put my favourites in a scrap book, so I have a scrapbook for each year and I can only keep enough that fits in the scrap book. I could not believe how much stuff they generate! Let’s hope he gets into football!!! #coolmumclub

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  9. Petite Words says:

    Something I’ve long wondered, you could make another house? HA #TwinklyTuesdays

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