Christmas: The Advent Calendar


With the arrival of the first of December came the advent calendars, we are now nearly two weeks in and Mini R still hasn’t got the idea of only one door a day and will gesture to his Gruffalo advent calendar at various points in the day grunting “Urgh!” which translates to “Mother, let me open another door. NOW!” I then have to attempt to explain the situation to my nearly 18 month old son. To be honest, i think he gets bored with my talking to him and wanders off before the same thing happens a few hours later!


Now, for years, my mum and I have had a tradition involving an advent calendar. Every year she buys me one, even now at the age of *ahem* 31. As a teen, I used to leave her Post It notes on a morning, stating what I’d got in my advent calendar in the style of

“On the first day of Christmas, my advent calendar gave to me…”

When I moved to university, I continued this via text message and until this year, it continued still. Text message made it easier as I could copy and paste and there were not tons of Post It notes! Unfortunately, I am gutted to say that, this year, they haven’t continued. I started but a lively toddler has made if difficult. I am sad about this and hope I can get it going again in due course.

There was one year where my mother went a little mad and bought mr a Dr Who advent calendar…let me tell you I have NEVER watched Dr Who. To make matters worse, every picture was either a Dalek or a Tardis. My texts messages went along the lines of:

“On the fourth day of Christmas my advent calendar gave to me ANOTHER F**kING TARDIS, (another) dalek, a tardis, a Dalek and a partridge in a pear tree.”

The texts didn’t continue that year and my mum admitted she had failed as a mother that year – jokes….kinda 🙂

Any traditions you’d like to tell me about? Do you do this too? Every had a shite advent calendar? Comment below or contact me on Facebook or Twitter! (Go on, you know you want to!)

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10 Responses to Christmas: The Advent Calendar

  1. We have given up on the advent calendars now – mum failure I know but Lottie was going mental every day wanting more ‘oclate’ and Bella ate all of her sisters when I was hoovering one day! Kids aye! next year I may well change it up completely and not go for one of the standard calendars. Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

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  2. Our little girl is about a year older than your boy and she’s understood that she only gets to open one door a day…doesn’t mean she doesn’t WANT to open more, lol!
    I love that you still have an Advent calendar. And the texts to your mum are funny, especially the Dr Who ones 😀
    Thanks for linking up #KCACOLS

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  3. Sara Handy Herbs says:

    My dad has bought me a calendar every year since I can remember and he still does. It’s funny seeing what he buys – often a glittery chocolately thing but sometimes I get a random Take That one! My children love having an advent calendar. One year my youngest ate nearly every chocolate out of her brother’s calendar in the space of what seemed less than 10 minutes!! #KCACOLS

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  4. My mum used to get me one for quite a few years, maybe until I had children of my own! My 18 month isn’t bothered by his, but its not chocolate and his sister always wants to open the doors for him! #KCACOLS

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  5. That’s so sweet that you and your mum keep up the tradition! My mum bought me when until I was about 21 then told me I could buy my bloody own, lol. We got Marianna one this year, then her aunt got her another, and my in-laws a third. Luckily I’m there to help her eat them. 😉 #KCACOLS

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  6. Awww how cute is your son. Holly is exactly the same that why we put them away once they have taken the coccy for that day out. However that doesn’t stop her asking for it again that day. Aaaàh what a lovely tradition!! I really hope you manage to keep it going. Haha I had a good giggle about the doctor who advent calendar note. Every year we buy our girls a Lindt advent calendar. Would you believe I’ve never had and advent calendar myself. I think next year everyone in our household gets one.xx #KCACOLS

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  7. Coombe Mill says:

    This is the first year my kids didn’t even ask for a calendar, I hate to think they are outgrowing the magic of Christmas #KCACOLS

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  8. My son is the same, he’s five and still thinks it would be okay to have more than one chocolate a day! Found you on the linky! x

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