Stop, Drop and Read

Stop, Drop & Read

Today my school begins a new initiative titled “Stop, Drop and Read’ which involves every member of the school, staff and students, to stop what they are doing at 2pm and read. This will continue until Christmas with the day moving onto the next each week, to avoid the same lessons being hit every week.


I really like the idea! I love reading but don’t get chance to do it as much these days. It was my new years resolution to read instead of watching TV on a night but I find that when I get into bed and pick up a book I fall asleep after five minutes, usually with the book on my head! So half an hour a week of being able to read suits me! The reason behind this initiative is students reading ages. The plan is that each person will read a book before Christmas and hopefully it will increase the reading age of the students.

Sadly, statistics show that 1 in 5 parents can’t find the time to read to their children and there is about a 5 year difference between secondary students who have regularly read since they were able to and those that haven’t. I don’t understand it personally. One of the things I looked forward to most about being a parent was bedtime stories! Unfortunately my son hasn’t grasped the idea of the bedtime story, if I try to read to him before bed he bats it out of my hands, preferring his milk and taggie blanket. I do make sure that we read at some point during the day and I’m lucky that Mini R loves his books, just not when he wants to go to bed. When I go to the playroom to check he’s okay (when he’s suspiciously quiet), I usually find him with a book in his lap which is lovely to see and when he woke up from his nap yesterday he was cuddly so we sat in the chair in his room and read Alpaca Rabbit. You can read about other children’s books we like here.


Since this initiative was introduced i’ve been thinking about which books I’d like to read and with the headteacher and others sharing their favourite books/authors, I started to think about books I’d enjoyed…


1. PS I Love You….and Cecelia Ahern in general! 

I read this book way before the film came out and I’m so glad I did! It was heartwarming, sad, funny and romantic all in one and I was disappointed with the films portrayal. My imaginations version was much better!

I’ve read a few of Cecelia Ahern’s books and I’ve got some more on order from Amazon. Each one is engaging, light hearted, well written and keeps me hooked so I don’t want to put it down!

If you’ve watched the film version of this book, still read it because the film misses lots of little details.


2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling…and all the others!

Muggles, magic, Dumbledore, wands, Butter Beer, Trolls,  House Elves, Dementors, Hogwarts, Hagrid….the list is endless! What’s not to love?!

There is almost too much to say about these wonderfully written books and , if you have never read them, you really must! The world of Harry, Ron and Hermione is a beautiful one and I wish I was part of it.

Every new school year i wish I was going to Hogwarts to teach Transfiguration or Defence Against the Dark Arts! I’ll be the proudest mum ever when Mini R gets his letter to attend.


3. The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella…and the rest of the series. 

A lady called Becky who loves shopping. “Was this book about me?” I thought as I began reading, then she got into debt and mischief and I realised I wasn’t that bad!

Following the story of Becky through these lovely books is fantastic and you really feel like she is one of your friends.

Once you get lost in one of these Sophie Kinsella books you can forget anything else because every spare moment you’ll be picking it up to read another chapter.

A film was made out of this one too actually, again I’d read it before they did and the film isn’t as good!


4. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

A completely different style for me! Recommended by my English teacher best friend, it’s darker and more serious than I would usually read but I really enjoyed it!

It MADE me keep reading because I just wanted to find out answers to all my questions. It’s written so cleverly so that it tells you the story without telling you anything important that you’re desperately wanting to know and the ending isn’t disappointing either.


5. Giovanna Fletcher. All her books! 

Let me just say I love Giovanna and her gorgeous family too! Second to Mini R, Buzz is the most adorable child ever and they are fantastic parents!

What makes Giovanna’s books so lovely to read are the characters that she creates. The way she writes makes you feel what they feel! I’m lucky enough to own a signed version of the book to the left which my lovely friend got for me when she was at ASDA house signing books not so long ago. This story is a classic love triangle tale involving Maddy and two best friends, Rob and Ben. Naturally you become either Team Ben or Team Rob. Always liking a bit of a bad boy, I was Team Rob!

I can’t wait to read more of Mrs Fletcher’s books and until then I’ll stalk her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! 🙂

As you can see, I’m a fan of the ‘chick-lit’ genre of book but thats because, when i read, I like to get lost in a story and not have to think or work too hard and those type of books fit into that. I’ve order three Cecelia Ahern books recently and I’ve got some from my bestie the book lover to try too, including The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and a Sophia Kinsella book I haven’t read – Twenties Girl. So that’s a lot of reading, guess I should stop writing this and get on with it!

Have you got any books you think i’ll like? I love a recommendation! Alternatively, have you read any of the books above, what did you think? Comment below or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for reading! xxx

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11 Responses to Stop, Drop and Read

  1. What a fantastic initiative to encourage reading. And a fab list of books. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

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  2. CaroleHeidi says:

    Our school has introduced this as well – all parents of kids in reception are invited in 15 minutes before the end of the day on Monday to read with their child in class. It’s a lovely idea though, liek you, I can’t grasp the idea that people don’t read with their kids anyway!

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  3. That’s such a good idea to do that at school. I try to read each evening but it’s taking me months to get through books as I can only manage a couple of pages before my eyes literally close! #justanotherlinky

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  4. Happy to hear that Mini R loves his books. I always read to my daughters when they were younger and now they’re both at university – one studying English Literature and the other Illustration! I love the idea of stopping what you’re doing and making time to read. I need to include this in my schedule every day x

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  5. This is a great idea, I try so hard to make time to read to my son. Especially now with him in school seeing the importance of it. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Mama says:

    We big readers in my house. Have you read Time Traveller’s Wife? My favourite book ever- very romantic. For a bit of light reading I loved the ‘I am Number Four’ series. They’re like really good action movies. I really hope we can encourage a love of reading in our lad. He loves his bedtime stories so we’re off to a good start 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x


  7. We do this at our school. Everyone reads for 20 mins P5 on a Fri. We also have library lessons every two weeks where we read. Rather than take books to mark, I too read with the kids. Reading Girl on the Train at the moment. X


  8. PS I Love you is one of my favourite books. I had a moment this weekend with my big one who has just turned 6. We were getting ready to go to the hairdressers when he said “I’m just going to get my Horrid Henry book so I can sit and read whilst we are waiting”. He still needs a bit of help, but I love that he has started to enjoy reading on his own and sees it as something to do and enjoy. #fartglitter

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