#Wicked Wednesday? More like Wicked Week!

The past week or two has been quite stressful for a number of reasons:

  1. Two weeks today Mini R began having massive poonami’s every morning….so big the sheets needed changing. The only “light at the end of the tunnel” during this time was that he was sleeping well and longer, so we got a few lie ins! 
  2. On Sunday the back teeth started to come through and with that grumpy, clingy and tearful Mini R appeared. I can’t feel annoyed with him because it’s not his fault and the poor love must be in so much pain however, the lack of sleep and child constantly attached to me has proved testing and stressful. Oh, and the amount of dribble is RIDICULOUS! FullSizeRender-2
  3. In line with the above point, the cat Coco (see previous post The Furry Member of the Roversi’s) has begun p**sing in the circus tent in the playroom…last night, Mini R chose to play in there and I didn’t check it first…so we ended up having to strip him down and de-cat p**s him….whilst he’s still being clingy, upset and grumpy. 
  4. Finally, my step mum invites us for a lovely meal at her house on Sunday. The first thing Mini R does, once sat at the table, is pull the tablecloth and a full glass of red wine goes everywhere. I should have took a picture for Wicked Wednesday but I was too busy trying to clean everything up asap. He obviously was trying to do the tablecloth trick where you leave all the stuff on the table…he failed. The below picture is him looking into his lamb dinner, obvious to the chaos he creates!FullSizeRender-1Contact me on Facebook and Twitter

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30 something wife and Mum to two - L and S. Pyjama wearing blogger, drama teacher, face painter, disney lover, Robbie Williams obsessive and Stationery addict.
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11 Responses to #Wicked Wednesday? More like Wicked Week!

  1. Yes the side effect of teething that no one told me about too, pooing! He looks so into his food in the last photo =)


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  2. Oh no! He is so adorbs though! Thanks so much for linking up to #wickedwednesdays! Hope to see you again this week! x

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  3. What a week! *sends virtual cake* #WickedWednesdays

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  4. Jude Hurrell says:

    He’s making impressive efforts with that dinner! Get stuck in little dude! #wickedwednesdays

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  5. Oh poor little chap, teething is so horrible for them (and mum) #wickedwednesdays

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  6. Oh bless him teething can be so hard on little ones. Hope he’s feeling better now! Xx

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  7. I keep thinking I’d like to get a cat. Then I see a post like this and it reminds me why I don’t have one… so it just the kids peeing everywhere in my house! #wickedwednesdays

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  8. Oh dear!!I had to giggle though.I remember our cat doing a poo right in the middle of the settee once!Few choice names were shouted that day!Aww bless teething is a nightmare for everyone isn’t it x

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