Our Forever Home – The work begins!

As I wait for the electricity to be turned back on and I sit on my living room floor with my back warming against the radiator (and Mini R is napping), I thought I’d start a post updating you on the home improvements we are making. 

You may have read my previous blogs regarding our downstairs, Mini R’s room and the master bedroom and yesterday work began on the master bedroom and en suite of our forever home. As a novice at home improvement (and a previous renter) I think I underestimated how much work would go into it and how much waste and mess it would create! Our drive is currently littered with the remains of our old bathroom (skip coming tomorrow!) and this is how it currently looks!    Apparently the breeze block look is in this season! 😂😉 

The hubby and myself spent a very typical Sunday mornin going to look at tiles and wallpaper in preparation. We (well, I) have decided to keep it quite plain so we can add different accessories to freshen it up when we need to so we are having large white tiles over the majority of the room with the tiles in the picture (right) as a feature strip down the shower and as a splash back on the sink. My favourite colour is grey so I’m going to have to be very careful not to have an entire grey house!

The bedroom had the hideous green fitted wardrobes ripped out and my mums lovely fella took all the wallpaper off the walls. Our friend has been and plastered the ceiling and will be doing the rest when the door to the ensuite has been moved and the raidiator has also been moved. 

It currently looks like this… 

 Nice eh? Ha ha!

I’ve decided on a white and grey plate for the bedroom with a feature wall in the wallpaper top left of the picture (right) and the rest of the walls in the paint to the right of it. 

All the furniture is hopefully going to be from the IKEA HEMNES range, or something similar, as I want a modern, fresh and relaxing feel to the room. 


I’m also trying to factor in a place of the TV, without it taking over the room, and would like a nice mirror or picture…plus there is curtains, blinds and carpet to think about too! Ahhhhh! 

It’s an ongoing project and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we progress. For now, wish me luck! 

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12 Responses to Our Forever Home – The work begins!

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  2. This looks like such an exciting project. I love grey and white in a bedroom. And that furniture that you have chosen is lovely. You can’t beat a bit of IKEA. Good luck with the rest of the work. I can’t wait to read all about it. Thanks so much for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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  3. newmummyblogcom says:

    How exciting! It’s great fun being able to put your mark on a house and do it exactly the way you want. We’re currently doing the same. Good luck #sundaystars

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  4. You are so lucky being able to afford to renovate and turn it into your own home! We are stuck with our decor for the foreseeable future. (Damn mortgage). Would be lovely to see the finished product over a cuppa one day! 😉 X #sundaystars

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  5. Huge good luck. It is so worth it (having done this a few times myself)! And the end job will be wonderful! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Much appreciated. Jess x #HomeEtc

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  6. Good luck, it is messy while the work takes place but it will be worth it in the end. Don’t forget to let the dust settle, otherwise it’ll be straight back again (and it’s a good excuse too 🙂 ) #homeetc

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  7. We have Hemnes furniture in both of our girl’s bedrooms, it is so sturdy and hard wearing. We renovated our first house and it was a complete can of worms, every job mushroomed. Your wallpaper choice is lovely. Good luck with it xx

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