The Furry Member of the Roversi’s! 

I thought I’d introduce you to the other member of the Roversi family!

This is CoCo…. 
If I had to describe her in a three words it would be People Hating Recluse (that’s nice, I almost said bitch!).

CoCo came to us from one of my best friends who also had two dogs at the time. We looked after her as a kitten while she went on honeymoon and she was a delight. Many evenings of the two weeks were spent with her laid in my lap while I watched TV so when my friend returned and saw how happy she was, she asked if we wanted to keep her as she felt like the dogs were surpressing CoCo loving side.

Pah! Loving side?! This cat is obviously a bloody good actor because the loving cat we had for those two weeks disappeared and we were left with a moody cat who hates being cuddled and only pays you any attention when she wants something…mainly food!

She did have some good points though as she would sit next to you on the sofa (as long as you didn’t get too close) and did the occasional funny thing that made us laugh. See pictures!

Perching casually on the sofa….what a weirdo.

When we lived in our flat, it was ridiculous the amount of times we found her in the wardrobe. She got shut in there for a whole day once and still didn’t learn from her mistakes.

Then when we moved from the flat, CoCo heard she was going to become an outdoor cat and was obviously so excited she packed herself into my rucksack

To this day, this is still the most hilarious picture I own of CoCo. Pure fluke that I caught her with her tongue out.

CoCo’s impression of Yoda. “Hmmm, hate the world I do.”

Now we’re in our forever home, we barely see her. She is either out or hidden in the spare bedroom. She graces us with her presence at her meal times and is an annoying pain in the arse until she is fed. Mornings she will jump on and off the bed until we get up an feed her, if she’s hungry. If not, she stays in the cat cave (like a man cave but for cats).

In addition to this, as much as the day Mini R was born was the happiest day of our lives, it was the worst for CoCo. Her quiet, peaceful home was invaded by a small, noisy infant that now likes nothing more than to chase her around and attempt to stroke her (well, it’s more of a smack unfortunately) and pull her tail. Mini R smiles with delight when he sees her. I know when she is at the door wanting to come in as he will exclaim “CoCo” repeatedly and every other cat he sees is a CoCo. His first word was “dat” aka “cat” which he seems to have forgotten now!  He runs as fast as his little legs will carry him towards her and CoCo has a look of fright and disgust as she pegs it away from him. Mini R lives in hope that once day he and CoCo will be the best of friends but I’m not getting my hopes up! 

CoCo is also known as “CoCo Channel”, “CoCo Butter” and “CoCo Bean” by myself. I’m not a huge fan of her name but it wasn’t fair to change it when she had got used to it. I prefer to call animals normal human names….I had a hamster called Colin at university. If I’d have named her she would probably be have called Shirley or somethin which may have added to her hatred of life.

I don’t want you all to worry about CoCo, I am exaggerating…kinda. She does live a lovely life and is well looked after. She’s just a moody cow…or cat if you like. My husband loves her and refuses to believe she is the ungrateful, bitter bitch that I say she is…but he still thinks she enjoys the hugs her gives her, as her paws push against him trying to keep him as far away from possible and that low, warning rumble is heard from her throat.

Still, it’s nice to have a pet ☺️ One day we will have a pug, but that’s a story for another post.

Do you have any pets? Are they as bitter and twisted as CoCo? Contact me by commenting below or on Facebook and Twitter.

Mami 2 Five

About Becky Roversi

Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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8 Responses to The Furry Member of the Roversi’s! 

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  2. lol! see my cat is really affectionate but he is so much that he just doesn’t leave me alone. im sure one day ill trip over him and end up at the bottom of the stairs! and he dribbles. all the time. and has erm “playtime” with anything soft. you cant even leave a scarf about. he has been done. and he pees. on everything. great.

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  4. Hi Becky, what Coco lacks in personality and warmth she makes up for in looks! Love the photos too, it sounds as if she knows what she likes (not small children). We can’t snuggle our cats at all, but they are never far and love a good ear scratch.

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  6. Oh dear she does sound a bit moody, but those photos a just brilliant! A cuddly cat would never have such funny photos. It so cute that your little one’s first word was cat… My daughters is duck after her rubber bath duck! #sundaystars

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  7. Coco sounds very much like our cat Molly! She just ignores everyone and sleeps on my bed all day, then comes down and takes up all the sofa space in the evening! She is gorgeous though! x Thanks for joining in with #sundaystars

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