Baby Groups – like Marmite!

When I say “baby groups” to you, how do you feel? 

Chances are you are experiencing one of the following of emotions:

A) All warm and fuzzy – baby groups, for you, are a place for friends, support and warm cups of tea/coffee,

B) Dread – lots of clicky mums who think they know best,

C) Fear – walk into an unknown place where everyone knows everyone and I know no one? No thanks!

No matter which group you fall into, it’s a safe bet that everyone has felt a little fear walking into a baby group for the first time, if you have dared to go to one at all. Pre baby, and pre – NCT, I would have definitely fallen into section C. Fearful of new people and new places, with a newborn, would have made me a bag of nerves despite being a confident person. My mind was filled with images of walking into a room full of mums and babies, chatting away and sharing stories, while my baby and I sat in a corner on our own.

There are people I know who laughed in the face of a baby group “I have friends! Why would I need to go to a baby group?” they say. I always want to say “You might have friends, but does your child?” Every parent wants their child to grow up to be a confident, friendly and approachable person. How are they going to learn how to do that if they don’t get the chance to practice? Social skills are so important!

Bumps and Babies – the early days

So why else are baby/toddler groups a good thing?

Well firstly, there is a range of toys and one thing I have found recently is that, no matter how many toys you have at home, in the eyes of a toddler someone else’s toys are always better! Preferably the one that some else has in their hand, right at the moment you too want it so you grab it off them, at which point your horrible mum tells you to share and gives it back to the other child – that’s not just my son right?!

Secondly, child = germs. How is this a good thing? You won’t get the influx of illnesses when they attend nursery because they will have built up a robust immune system sharing spit, snot and water cups with other tots at group!

Thirdly, refreshments. Every mother knows just how hard it is to enjoy a hot cup of tea but with your small one occupied and under the supervision of not just you but many others, you will have chance to make a cup of tea and enjoy it…hot! There might even be a biscuit, or if it’s a really posh group – cake!

Making friends!

Finally, all that running around, interacting and playing means only one thing…and tired out baby/toddler which leads to a lovely nap and some free time for mum to put her feet up in front of the TV…or in my case, run around like a blue a**ed fly trying to get as many jobs as possible done before he wakes!

Most mums I know have a group of friends they refer to as “the mums” or “NCT” or “Baby group mums” so obviously it’s working for a lot a people. Having some people who understand what you are going through, that you can ask advice from or compare notes is invaluable…just like the cup of tea that goes with it (I’m obsessed with tea in this post aren’t I?!) In all honestly, in the early years I probably benefitted more from the groups that my son did so if you are a new mum don’t feel pressured to join a group straight away. Enjoy sitting on the sofa cuddling your baby if that’s what you want to do. Now Mini R is beginning to talk and walks, the stimulation from other tots and adults is great and he loves it.

If you are interested in groups: Mumsnet is a great place to start!

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20 Responses to Baby Groups – like Marmite!

  1. Love this – it is so spot on. I was definitely a mixture between of b and c! I took Zach to baby sensory when he was a baby and I was terrified! Very quickly though, I was going for a coffee afterwards with other mums while our babies slept after an exhausting hour of activity! I also took him a few times to a toddler group before I went back to work. I won’t lie, sometimes I felt like a bit of a spare part but he absolutely loved it and it knackered him out so I could have cake when I got home! All on all a success! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. optrixxaris1 says:

    What a lovely post and sweet pictures that bring memories back to me. It’s great finding people who are going through the same as yourself. Thanks for sharing. #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. Helena says:

    A lovely post with sweet photos that bring back memories of baby groups for me. Thanks for sharing. #TwinklyTuesday

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  4. We were big fans of our NCT baby group when I was smaller. However we were lucky that we knew 5 other mums from our NCT classes. We are still in contact with them so it’s a great sociable activity. Just need to brave going through those doors! #TwinklyTuesday

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  5. 4128miles says:

    Yes – baby groups are like marmite, but sometimes you have to hold your nose and get on with it. After the first few times you’ll learn to love them! #twinklytuesday

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  6. Everything is a phase says:

    I totally agree baby groups are great, I did NCT and have kept in touch with all of these lovely ladies, it’s amazing how you share the most personal things with people you barely know! But they understand what you are going through as they are going through it at the same time.

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  7. Ah, baby groups! I agree with you, whilst they aren’t always easy to break in to they do give our children a great opportunity to explore the social side of being with other children (including their germs!!) and to learn important life skills. Sometimes I think we, as parents, have to be a little bit unselfish and just dive in for the sake of the kids! Although, the playgroups I’ve been to where no one speaks to me I haven’t gone back, but the ones I liked I found invaluable and they were often the only ones to do something for me the entire day i.e make me a cuppa. Invaluable!

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  8. mummyfever says:

    Ah yes – I am a cross between b and c. I will say that when I had my first child my NCT friends became very important to me and we are still friends now. I have four children now, two at school and two at home and i work from home so now it is simply a case of no time to go to anything like this. Great post 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

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  9. I really wish I could have found a baby group that I enjoyed and was welcomed in to when my son was young. Unfortunately, those I did go to were very clicky and I was the mum who sat in a corner with my baby with no one speaking to me. It wasn’t nice and I definitely didn’t want to put myself through it again. As a first time Mum I was so nervous and quite vulnerable. I’m also in a city where I didn’t grow up and felt quite isolated. I really think a baby group would have helped me. Luckily my son has a cousins the same age as him who he plays with on a regular basis, and he went to nursery from a young age so his social skills weren’t affected.

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    • Aw I’m so so sorry that you had such a terrible experience of baby groups. It makes me sad as I know how lonely new motherhood can be. Hope you’re settled into the new city and you have some good mummy friends now. Thanks for reading and commenting xx


  10. You’re right – Babygroups initially feel a little daunting. Especially if you’re baby is just sat asleep. But they’re complete gold dust as soon as they’re mobile and interested in toys. Yes, the refreshments are very welcome, as is the nap that the baby has afterward 😉 #TwinklyTuesday

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  11. Ali says:

    Haha I love the comparison to marmite! At the moment I love them! Like you say, some can be very clicky but I’ve found a lovely one on a Friday to take Lola. And yes, why do we both around around like mad when they finally have a nap?? Xx

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