“A Proper Little Boy.”

As my little one has turned 14 months old, many people have commented: 

“He’s turning into a proper little boy now, isn’t he?”

As much as this sentence fills me with pride that my newborn baby is developing, learning and growing, it also fills me with sadness: the baby stage is definitely over. 


As I went to save the above picture from my Facebook, someone had commented on it

 “Enjoy every minute, they grow up far too quick!”

As much as I listened to this advice I don’t think that I took it in and, as the weeks turned into months, I was shocked at how fast time was going! Instead of spending time enjoying cuddles from my baby, I was worried about letting him sleep on me as it might form bad habits. As much as I did let him sleep on me as it was the only way he’d nap, rather then enjoying the feel of his heavy little body on me, the warmth, his breath on my neck as he smuggled in whilst enjoying an episode of whatever TV programme I was watching at the time, I was constantly worrying and thinking “I shouldn’t be doing this”. I was trying to put him down in his cot, listening from when his breathing deepened or his dummy stopped moving (signs he was in a deep sleep!). That baby is now a toddler who goes to bed quite happily and naps for two hours every day. He’s also a toddler who isn’t bothered for cuddles unless he’s sleepy or poorly so I know make the most of them when I can. 


I spent the early days looking forward to when he could sit up, crawl, speak and walk as i thought it would make life easier and now he can do all these things and, although it’s wonderful, it’s exhausting! I should have enjoyed the times where he laid in my arms or on his play mat gurgling at the ceiling. The times when he was content with staring up at Neil the Elephant or Barry the Dragonfly on his bouncer (I name all his toys proper human names. I’m not a fan of “fluffy” etc) and my day was made when I got a rare smile. Changing his nappy was a dream back in the baby days when he’d lay there content (apart from in the first week when he screamed like we were murdering him). Now he spends afternoons trouserless because it’s easier than wrestling them back on! 

Life is easier in some ways, he can tell me what he wants a little easier and I don’t have to break my back carrying him around all the time. He will happily play in his cot on a morning while I relax in bed a little longer (usually blogging like now) and he has a great bedtime routine meaning I get time to myself on an evening but there are times when I do miss having a proper baby! 


Despite missing my little boy being a bouncing baby, I’m proud of the little boy he’s turning into. He is independent, clever, funny and inquisitive. I couldn’t ask more anything more, well apart from a few less tantrums! 

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About Becky Roversi

Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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3 Responses to “A Proper Little Boy.”

  1. Loved that pic of him in the snuggle pod (or whatever it was called!) and I will always be grateful to Neil the Elephanta pacifying skills…

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  2. Barry the dragonfly: genius! Time does fly by. I don’t know why we thought it would last but when you’re pacing the streets at 1am it feels like it will never end!


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