And the results are in…

Across the UK today, hundreds and thousands of students walk into their schools nervously to pick up an A5 envelope that holds the final step in their secondary school life. There are many jittery parents waiting to see if all their nagging about revision paid off, wondering if they are going to be celebrating (which will probably cost them money!) or picking them up from being a ball of tears.

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I was one of those parents today, nervously waiting to see what those envelopes contained….not because I’m a parent of a sixteen year old who was getting their results, you are right I do just have the one little Mini R, but because (as you know) I’m a teacher. Results Day is always a nerve wrecking affair but this time it was ten times worse. One and a) because my niece was getting her results (she did very well and I’m a proud Auntie) and two and b) because I have a year 11 form that, apart from maternity leave, I have supported, shouted at, and laughed with for the past five years. To be honest, even on maternity leave I kept popping in to check on them! As my first form that I have had from Year 7 in my teaching career there have been times where I have felt like a parent to each and every one of them! A wonderful group of students who, mostly, were lovely, hard working and turned into decent human beings whom I wish the very best to. 

I love being a form tutor. It’s an area of the job that I really enjoy. Seeing the same group of students every morning, making sure they are prepared for the day, supporting them when they need it, giving them a (metaphorical) kick up the bum when they need it and trying to make them smile so the days starts well for them. I’m going to miss my form loads. I cried in the leavers assembly and I cried today. Firstly when the very first student from my form to pick up his results got all A’s and B’s and then again when one of my lovely girls got ALL A*’s! So proud. Throughout the five years I have got to know them as people, I have got to know their mums and dads. They have got to know me. The poor kids had to listen to my wedding planning updates and put up with me whilst uncomfortable and pregnant! 

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As teachers, every year we work hard to educate many students. We do what we can to point them on the right path, not just give them knowledge but teach them about life too. Especially as a form tutor. One part of their life is over and a new, scary and exciting time is about to begin. School life is all consuming when you’re a teenager and then, just a few years from now, they will all realise that their is a bigger life out there. They will (as cheesy as it sounds) “find themselves” and who they want to be. I love my job. I’m so lucky that I do and today has actually made me look forward to starting the new school year and seeing what this years students have to offer! 

(Now to move on from the sloppy stuff!)

On results day, my teacher life merged with my parent life this year and once again, Mini R showed his personality is developing more and more! He toddled around the school hall, touched things he shouldn’t touch and about half an hour in I was exhausted and wondering why I had decided to bring him! 

Just chilling with the teenagers.

Just chilling with the teenagers.

Unfortunately, it all ended up in tears. Whilst I was looking at my nieces results that she’d messaged me, he got his finger stuff in a metal stand. Getting it out ended in a cut thumb, blood, steri-strips and a ton of tears. Obviously I felt like the WORST mother in the world for not having my eyes on him. If you look at my Instagram, you can see a picture of the injury. Don’t worry it’s not too grusome  I took him home before he disturbed everyone with his crying. He was pretty upset and spent some time at home sat on my knee watching TV before he had his nap. Luckily this afternoon he perked up a bit and played with his mates…which ended up in more blood! only because he kept knocking his wound while he was playing which was causing it to bleed. We went through several plasters (covering the steri-strips for protection) and a few doses of Calpol. Janma brought Spiderman plasters, Savlon Healing Gel and more Calpol – what a lifesaver. I’m hoping that, after 11/12 hours sleep, it will have dried up and started to scab but it’s going to be interesting trying to get him to avoid knocking it and trying to peel the steri-strips off. 

So there you go, an emotional day all round. Do you know someone who got their results today? How did they do? Are you a teacher? How did your students do? You can comment on my post or contact me on Facebook and Twitter


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6 Responses to And the results are in…

  1. Poor little Mini R – these things happen so quickly and so easily don’t they? Hope his finger is healing nicely. So interesting to read about results day from the perspective of a teacher – well done to your niece and your year 11’s on their results and how lovely to have seen them through from the start of secondary school. My form tutor is one of the few teachers from secondary school who I still remember vividly 20 years on as she was always so supportive of us all. Your words about your form reminded me very much of her.

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  2. Aww poor little thing – I hope he is better now! And yes, results day, that big day lots of people have been talking about recently… I can imagine it is a bit of a emotional day for teachers, and worrisome too, as you just hope the kids will get good results and get to the uni they want. Sounds like it went well for your group though 🙂 #pocolo

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  3. I think people often forget in the result excitement/nerves/worry that teachers are also anxiously waiting to hear how the kids they’ve worked hard with have done too! Glad yours did well! I feel old, I still remember getting my results! 😃 thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo today too!

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  4. Here’s hoping that Mini R is recovering well. Well done to you for all the hard work you’ve put in with your form during the last 5 years… I have no idea how teachers keep going!


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  5. LondonKiwiEmma says:

    Oh bless him – they’re just so inquisitive aren’t they!?


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