I’ve got my Weight Loss MoJo back! (I think!)

Bring on a slimmer me! 

I’ve been Battling the Bulge for most of my life but since having my son in June 2014 I joined Slimming World again in January 2015. In May I wrote the post Slimming Progress, I’d lost two stone but was struggling with motivation. Since then I moved into the Halfway House, which was a good 25 minute drive from my Slimming World group and I completely fell off the wagon, so to speak. 

Last week I went shopping to get a new dress for a night out and I was upset to find that the size 14 clothes were a bit tight and I actually ended up buying a size 16 just because I wanted something new to wear. This was the kick up the bum I needed to get myself back to group and last Monday (10th) I re-joined to find that I had put on half a pound short of a stone. It was the Woman of the Year party and hearing other ladies weight loss stories really inspired me. I thought “Well I might have put a stone on, but I’m still a stone lighter than I was at Christmas and I’ve only got 1 stone 9 pounds to target so, if I’ve lost two stone before, I can do it again.” Despite my husband being off work and us having a few days out and, therefore, some little treats, but I still weighed in 6lb lighter today! 


This salad was ridiculously big!


Slimming World fish and chips! Cod, chips and mushy peas.


“Overnight Oats” – 35g of Porridge Oats, Frozen Fruit and Mullerlight left in the fridge overnight.

I was so pleased with my weight loss and I feel so much better for eating clean again. It’s spurred me on this week, even thought I have a night out, a family BBQ and a birthday surprise for a friend, I will make good choices and I will have another good loss next Monday! 

Are you on a weight loss journey? Are you following Slimming World? Give me some tips or your favourite recipes!


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30 something wife and Mum to two - L and S. Pyjama wearing blogger, drama teacher, face painter, disney lover, Robbie Williams obsessive and Stationery addict.
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10 Responses to I’ve got my Weight Loss MoJo back! (I think!)

  1. ERF Mama says:

    We haven’t started yet, but are due to start – we are buying a Nutribullett and we are going on a juice diet. 🙂
    We have quite a lot to shed as we’re obese, so should be fun (not). But I’m looking forward to it none the less! 🙂

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    • Aw I really think you should look into SW. Juice diets aren’t sustainable & you stop yourself from having so much that you go insane!! There’s ladies at my group that have gone from a size 28 to a 10 on SW! X


  2. Well done you! I’m too scared to weigh myself after a heavy weekend! I’m trying not to go back to weight watchers but I may end up having to as I’m not doing to well on my own! I love overnight oats and your other meals look amazing too. Now I’m thinking maybe I should try slimming world……I’ll be checking back to see how you get on! #twinklytuesday

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  3. Well done you!! Amazing!! And how good does that fish and chips look?! Aah I’d love to be a skinny minnie that doesn’t have to watch what I eat!! I feel like I’m on a constant diet because if I didn’t watch what I ate, I think I’d be like the side of a house!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk


  4. Losing and maintaining weight loss is such a difficult thing. As someone who has yoyo’d up and down the scale for 20 years, it is not easy. Good luck and congrats on the success thus far. #TwinklyTuesday


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  5. I lost over a stone in 4 weeks on slimming world – definitely works – good for you look forward hearing about your journey – maybe it will inspire me to go back xx #TwinklyTuesday

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  6. bettyandthebumps says:

    I looked into Slimming World online, but it was a £60 upfront fee and I couldn’t justify it. It’s a shame because I’ve heard so many amazing success stories.

    I’m not getting weighed at the moment because I think it was getting me down if I fluctuated by a pound or so, but I’m guessing I have put on weight. I’ve been keeping a food diary since yesterday (ha ha!) and I’m hoping that will help me shift about half a stone.



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  7. It’s so easy to fall off the bandwagon. I do it all the time. Well done for getting back on it and for your loss! #twinklytuesday x

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