To Bath or Not To Bath (everyday), that is the question!

How often do you bath your child? Once a week? Every other day? Every day? 

When our children are babies we get told to create a good bedtime routine in order for the child to sleep well. Well, to be honest, I think that’s a load of BS because Mini R didn’t sleep through till ten months old and I know many other babies who had a great bedtime routine and still didn’t sleep well at night. We created a good bedtime routine but it didn’t include a bath….why? Because my son hated bath time on an evening. Anyone who walked past our house at around 6pm would think that there was some kind of medieval torture going on, so we stopped bathing at night and started going it in the morning. A complete pain in the a**e to add another task into the morning and made leaving the house ten times harder but i hated the thought of Mini Me being scared of water. As he got older we’ve been able to move bath time back to the evening, but now I’m wondering if he needs a bath EVERY night.

Mini R playing with Pirate Pete in the bubbles.

There is the odd time that we get home late, like when we came home from Scarborough last week, and we skip bath time. He goes to bed just the same as he would if he had partook in some splashing in the tub so thats not an issue. He really likes bath time now and, if i’m completely honest with you, I like having something that fills the time between his tea and bedtime, and he smells divine after a bath too!

I had to include this picture, his facial expression is priceless. “Ooooh a penguin!”

So I ask you, how often do you bath your children? Do you think once a day is too much? Should I move to every other day? Please comment below or connect me on Facebook or Twitter

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3 Responses to To Bath or Not To Bath (everyday), that is the question!

  1. Bath time used to be fun and then Little B had a slip and since then he rarely sits down. This is stressful as it means he’s more likely to slip again. So we’ve got into a bad spiral. I hope it passes but he now seems to have a fear of water. So we do skip baths sometimes if he’s tired. It’s tricky.

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    • Aw bless him! 😦 mini r has also started standing up and it’s a worry that’ll he’ll slip. I try and get him to sit down and distract him, if he won’t I get him out even though he loves his bath! Hope Little B is a lover of baths again soon x

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  2. natalie says:

    i’ve been wondering this myself! For the first year Jace had a bath pretty much every night but now i bath him when i think he needs to be bathed but never leave it more than a couple of days. If he’s played out and got mud and food all over him obviously i’ll give him a bath but if he’s ok i’ll give him a wipe down with a baby wipe and bath him the next day 🙂

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