This Week I’ve Loved… 07/08/2015

This Week I Have Loved…

1) Date Night with the Hubby.

My Mum was kind enough to offer to babysit so we can have an anniversary meal out. We don’t get to spend much quality time together so it was a perfect opportunity. We went to Bistro 42 in Ossett where they have a special offer Monday to Thursday where you get a free starter with every main course. A couple of drinks, some yummy food, good conversation and a handsome man made it a perfect night.

Me and the hubby scrub up okay :)

Me and the hubby scrub up okay 🙂

2) My Little Mermaid PJ’s 

An anniversary present from the husband, even though we said we weren’t buying gifts! I love Little Mermaid, it is my favourite Disney film. I even have the Little Mermaid Vans


3) Sing and Social with “Mini Me Time” at St Andrews Hall, Morley. 

This week was our third visit to Sing and Social with some friends whose children are three and six months older than Mini R. He absolutely LOVES Sing an Social! It’s a fiver and you get tea, coffee and juice as well as toast, crumpets and teacakes on arrival and then cake and drinks half way through. They do singing and dancing, bubbles, light show, story time and a sing and sign song as well as a bit of free play time. 


Free play time at Sing and Social.

4) Walking through my village and going to the park with Mini R. 

I had a moment, walking down to the park, where I suddenly felt so happy and calm to be back in the village I grew up in. I felt at home and it was wonderful. It was a lovely sunny afternoon so after a nap and a snack, me and Mini R got his trike out and went for a walk. He loves the swings but also got more involved on the slide and enjoyed banging on the steps of the climbing frame. 

All smiles on the swing

All smiles on the swing

Whilst there I got talking to another Mum who was there with her little girl. She told me her little girl had Global Delay and, although she was nearly two, behaved like she was under twelve months. Her little girl didn’t walk, crawl, talk or eat solids (just puree) and didn’t sleep well. The mother had given up her job as a Deputy Head in a Primary School to care for her daughter. I was in complete awe of her and had such admiration. It also put a lot of things into perspective when my son had been grouchy and grumpy all afternoon the pervious day. She looked amazing to say she was under so much stress and had little sleep and it definitely made me reflect on my own life. 

5) Having our cat, CoCo, back. 

She’s been living with my mum while we were in-between houses. I wasn’t sure how she’d settle with all the moving but because she’s had the spare room to go hide in, she’s been great! She hates people generally and definitely doesn’t like the munchkin – mainly because he shrieks too much for her liking. Today we let her out of the house for the first time, another worry as you don’t want them getting lost. She was explored a bit, got frustrated by some birds and kept coming back to check in. She’s now lurking around my feet while I type, probably wanting a second tea!


CoCo is happy for the stair gate. The Toddler isn’t.

6) Outdoor Play

Some of Mini Me’s friends came round this morning so, for the first time, we got out his new slide and water/sand table that he got for his birthday but we hadn’t set up due to moving. Being the diva he is, he went for a nap half an hour after they arrived and didn’t wake until they were leaving so, after he’d had some lunch, I got the paddling pool out for him, another first for him, and he loved it! The pictures say it all! 

Fun in the Paddling Pool

Fun in the Paddling Pool



Mami 2 Five

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5 Responses to This Week I’ve Loved… 07/08/2015

  1. Ali says:

    Oh wow what a fantastic week. Firstly, happy anniversary and I hope you had a lovely meal together. I know what you mean, you hardly get any time together as a couple when you have kids! We recently had a meal out for our anniversary too. It was so lovely to be together alone. I love the sound of the sing and social group. And you get so much to eat! Sounds great for kids and parents!! I’m very jealous of that one! And those PJs… Jealous again! Thanks so much for linking up with #thisweekiveloved xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh you both look gorgeous – glad you had a night out. What a cute round up of photo’s! Lovely xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like a great week, I love those PJ’s. Ah pets make a home x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks like a lovely week. Your little one sure does look like he had fun in his new paddling pool!

    Liked by 1 person

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