Food for Thought Before Bedtime

On the eve of her son’s first birthday, one of my mum friends said this:

“It’s like you put in hundreds of hours feeding them, changing them, being so tired you’re like a robot, being fed up, sad, and thinking you’ll never feel normal again and one day you look up and they’re going about their business. Being an active part of the world and interacting with you and you can see that what you were doing was all for them, to make them a little person. It’s f**king amazing. You’ve built a relationship. You’re a little team and you did it together.”

I thought I’d share it on my blog: share it for the new mums at the start of their journey, share it for the experienced mums, share it for any parent who is working their socks off to ensure their child has the best possible life you can supply. 

You’re all doing wonderfully. 

Night night. Sweet dreams (and I hope you aren’t woken by said child during the night or too early in the morning.) 


About Educating Roversi

30 something wife and Mum to two - L and S. Pyjama wearing blogger, drama teacher, face painter, disney lover, Robbie Williams obsessive and Stationery addict.
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5 Responses to Food for Thought Before Bedtime

  1. Rose says:

    I ruin it all with my foul mouth don’t I?! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Angela Milnes says:

    the bond and love you build with a bay is amazing! It’s fantastic and it grows with time. Well mine does. my child is seven and we are the strongest little team ever! Thanks so much for linking up to #PositivelyPosted

    Angela xx


  3. Ali says:

    Oh gosh that’s lovely. Everyone needs a pat on the back sometimes. Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up #thisweekiveloved xx and I think I was woken by in the night by that child!! X

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  4. Emma's Mamma says:

    Aw this is lovely! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x #ThisWeekIveLoved


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