Our Forever Home – Part One (Downstairs) 

We moved in on Saturday meaning we have spent four sleeps in our new home and downstairs is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. We’re lucky that it hasn’t needed decorating and is to our taste already, unlike upstairs but that’s for a different post!

Our kitchen, living room and dining room is all open plan meaning there is lots of space for Mini Roversi to crawl around and practise his walking…or falling over as it currently stands. It also means he can see me when I’m in the kitchen and (hopefully) this will cancel out the squawks I usually hear when I leave the room!


We’ve spent a small fortune in IKEA, Wilkinsons, Dunelm Mill and Next over the last week or so but I’m glad our main living space is looking cosy.

Our TV unit is from the BESTA range at IKEA. It’s a large range of various sized cupboards with different drawers, doors and shelves which you can mix and match to suit your needs. My main criteria was that it needed to be black (to bring the black through from the kitchen), it needed to be high so that Mini Roversi couldn’t bash the TV like he did in our last house and it needed to have doors so I could hide all the crap behind it! It’s fair to say that divorce was nearly on the cards at one point with myself and the hubster during our BESTA selection. We both a agreed on what we wanted however trying to find it and work out how much it would be proved more difficult. In the end I had to take a breather and focused on something else, when I was ready to talk about it again my other half had sort it – fantastic! The only problem we found (when we got home I might add) was that in order to change the channel on the Sky box, the door has to be open! Doh! So I’m going back today to get a smaller door, thus having an exposed shelf for the Sky box (cue lots of shouting “No!” at Mini Me as he presses all the buttons on it….

Now you may be wondering where all the toys are….well check this out!

PLAYROOM! What a dream! My plan is to leave the walls white and get some NYTTJA frames from IKEA which I will put some children’s art work in to brighten up the walls. The CIRKUSTALT aka the Circus tent is also an IKEA bargain at £17!   As you can see, Mini R loves it!

My favourite bit of downstairs has turned out to be the dining area…

We already had the table and chairs which eventually we would like to swap for a larger rectangle table so that we can host big Christmas dinners! Storage is courtesy of IKEA again in the form of their KALLAX range which I think every family home needs! They do a range of different colours and same goes for the box inserts to hide toys and other things away. I chose black, grey and white with white units as it fits in with our monochrome style. I also came across three picture frames in IKEA (again!) that matched perfectly! The clock was left by the previous owners of the property and I am so glad they left it because I think it’s lovely! I plan on having a black and white wedding picture printed onto a large canvas for the other wall.

Finally, the kitchen…  

Already fitted and we paid a little extra for the house so they left the range cooker and Samsung American Style fridge in. We’ve not had to do anything and I LOVE how much cupboard space I have! So much I can’t fill it all yet! Out to left is a door that leads to the utility room, another added bonus to the house as it’s a great place to keep cleaning stuff out the way, the washing machine and it has a toilet too!

Watch this space for more updates on our Forever Home ❤

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30 Responses to Our Forever Home – Part One (Downstairs) 

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  2. It’s going to be end of mine day, except before finish I am reading this wonderful post to
    increase my experience.


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  6. Ooh thank you for the tour around your beautiful home. I’m so nosy and love posts like this!! And thank you so much for linking up to #SundayStars xx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. booandmaddie says:

    Oh it looks lovely and how wonderful to have a home that least for the downstairs is totally ready made! I could only dream of such a thing X #HomeEtc

    Liked by 1 person

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  9. It’s stunning – I love it and so perfect for the family! We moved last week too! I have a playroom and I love it too – so practical and being able to keep all their toys at bay! Jess x



  10. We moved last week too and yours looks so much neater than mine, I still have a fair few boxes to unpack! Love the playroom, we were lucky enough to have a playroom too so I will be decorating this soon. Looking forward to being able to shut the door on all the toys once my little boy has gone to bed! #sundaystars


    • That’s exactly the reason I love it! I’m a bit OCD and hate having stuff out but we’ve got some stuff stored that we need to get this weekend so not finished yet! ☺️ good luck unpacking! X


  11. beth says:

    oh wow!!! What BEAUTIFUL home!! Each room is so beautiful. I especially love the dining room. I am wanting to re-do my dining room and front room soon! I need to get a move on!!
    Congratulations on your new home. Be proud! Its so beautiful. {i’m so not jealous 😉 ]


  12. Heather says:

    Ooh looks lovely we just bought some of the Kallax storage this weekend so good for hiding the mess! x


  13. chloelifeunexpected says:

    What a dream house!! I love IKEA! We have the highchair and the Kallax. We’re saving for our first house at the moment and I know as soon as we move there’s going to be a big trip to next and ikea. haha i think divorces are always nearly on the cards when it comes to agreeing on and sorting out furniture. 🙂 Choosing and buying our sofa was more stressful than welcoming a baby into the world. xx #sundaystars


  14. Congratulations on your new home – love that kitchen and that you have a playroom, how fab! #sundaystars


  15. It looks lovely! I love the floors and the white walls!


  16. Kaye says:

    Beautiful house! I love your kitchen and how awesome must it be to have a playroom. My toddlers stuff is just strewn all over every other room in the house! #sundaystars


  17. Love your monochrome theme – the dining room is fabulous and isn’t IKEA just the best for storage? Although like you we seem to end up arguing whenever we go there! Oh and don’t worry, you’ll soon fill up all those kitchen cupboards – I have a theory that your stuff expands magically to fill the space you have! #HomeEtc


  18. Fionnuala says:

    A playroom is great but in our house the toys still manage to find their way onto the sofa and coffee table. I hope you can enforce more discipline 🙂


    • Toys do end up in the living area and we have a black leather ottoman that has toys in it in there too but I’m just happy that I can tidy them away on an evening and not have to look at them while Mini R is in bed xx


  19. Jenna says:

    Oh my, I DREAM of a playroom – our living room has been taken over with toys!

    I love the kitchen and dining area and I’m super jealous of your lovely cooker and big fridge!

    I keep meaning to get my little lady one of those Ikea circus tents but we really don’t have the room for it at the mo. Maybe one day…



  20. Congrats on your new home and for getting it looking so great in such a short time. looking forward to reading more over the weeks to come on #homeetc


  21. bettyandthebumps says:

    Everyone loves Kallax, don’t they!?! I wish they did more options in the canvas boxes though, in terms of colour.

    I love your kitchen. I am drawn to quite vintage-y stuff but for kitchens I love 100% contemporary. Yours is so shiny!!! x



  22. Lovely post…there is nothing better than creating a forever home rather than a ok for now one! We have juts bought a plot to build our forever home and can’t wait…until then lovely to read about how other people are creating theirs and getting nice tips along the way thanks and hope you are very happy in your FH x


  23. A play room is the dream! Looks fab 🙂


  24. inhomedecor says:

    I like the kitchen . . . It is neat, clean, and in order.


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