My Dream Bathroom

On Saturday 25th July, a day after myself and my husband marked six years of being together, our little family moved into our forever home. A four bedroom, semi detached house in the lovely little village of Wrenthorpe that I grew up in. Driving into the village I immediately feel calm, relaxed and at home and I’m so excited to be back.

Kitchen’s and bathrooms in a house are “my thing”. I love them and we are lucky that our kitchen is lovely and not in need of decorating/re-fitting however our en suite bathroom is another story! To be honest, our main bathroom is in need of some work too but we can manage with it for now. 

Firstly, the en suite has carpet on the floor. I do not understand how anyone in their right mind would put carpet on a bathroom floor! 


We also have a Sani-Flow toilet which makes a loud noise whenever any other toilet in the house in flushed, or a tap is used. Having a one year old who naps during the day and goes to bed at 7pm, this is hardly ideal as it sounds like we are underneath the decent of an aeroplane! We’ve had to turn it off because of this and not use it. 


Finally, my dearest Mum managed to flood our en suite, the day after we moved in because she didn’t know the Sani-Flow was turned off and decided to clean it which ended in a flush…que water everywhere, coming through the light fitting below, soaking the carpet and generally causing a mess. 


Add into this the dated tiles and shower door that’s hanging off and you’ve got one desperate en suite in need of a makeover! 


In our plan of redecoration the master bedroom and en suite are first in the list so we decided to not bother moving into that room yet and are currently in the front bedroom until we get sorted but that takes money that we don’t have just yet so I decided to browse Tile Mountain and Big Bathroom Shop for a little inspiration and dream about what could be! (All pictures are from Tile Mountain and Big Bathroom Shop.)

I’m a big fan of white tiles because I think they look fresh and you can change the accessories in your bathroom, giving the room a whole different look for little cost. These Polished Porclain tiles are modern, clean and elegant. I love the style of a bigger tile. 

  As I’m thinking about my en suite bathroom I think that the “Enjoy” Grey mosaic tile would look amazing as a wet room area around the shower and on the floor, with white everywhere else. My favourite colour is grey and I think these Tile Mountain favourites are stylish and sophisticated.  

I needed two pictures for this one because I wanted to show you the fantastic brick effect they create with the team colour that I think is gorgeous. As a rule, like I said previously, I like white tiles in a bathroom but I love the colour so much I’d make an exception for this one! Bright, funky and fun! 

Obviously with the tiles you need a suite to go with it and these are my three favourites from Big Bathroom Shop:

The Milano Milos suite is specifically for en suites and the shape of the shower would fit perfectly in my currently bathroom. I love how simple it is, fairly traditional but with a modern flair. 

 This Milano Edern Square is uber modern and I love the clean lines it creates. I especially like the shape of the sink as I think it’s a little different but looks like a good size too.
This is the dream!!! A free standing, huge bath for long soaks after a hard day battling with my students at work and my little boy at home. I can see myself relaxing in a mountain of bubbles with my Kindle and a glass of something fizzy – bliss! Currently this is worlds apart from my bathroom now! Ha ha! 

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I’ve had so much fun looking at Tile Mountain and Big Bathroom Shop, they have such a diverse range of styles to suite any taste at resonable prices. I look forward to the day I can post about my new gorgeous, stylish bathroom! 

This is my entry for the #MyDreamBathroom competition run by Tile Mountain and Big Bathroom Shop

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