Happy child. Nap. Broken Child

Do you ever feel like a nap has broken your child? 

Let me set the scene for you…you’ve had a lovely morning. Your small person has been a pleasure to be around: you’ve played together, they’ve played on their own so you could get a couple of jobs done, you’ve been out to soft play and they’ve had had a lovely time climbing and exploring and as you return home they fall asleep in the car. You get home and their still asleep so you sit in the car catching up on the world of social media till they wake and enjoying a few minutes peace and thinking how lovely it’s all been…then they wake up and all is lost. Your small person hates the world and everyone in it. You try to distract with the walker but they cry more, you try cuddling them and they push you away, you try a drink which they have then continue to cry, you let them play with a random bottle you find but they cry at that too, you feed them – fearing they are hungry – to no avail, before finally resorting to Calpol (maybe their teeth are hurting them?), their taggie blanket, a dummy and Peppa Pig on the Tv….and this is where we currently are at.  

I can only assume the nap broke him. 

Does this sound familiar? Comment below! 🙂 

Summer days

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11 Responses to Happy child. Nap. Broken Child

  1. Katie says:

    I have had more days like this than I care to remember and still have them regularly with my two year old who really shouldn’t nap in the day now! I hope you he cheered up for you quickly love. Thanks for linking up with #summerdays xxx


  2. Yes! Mine looks so lovely and peaceful when she is napping – a couple of minutes after she has woken up, she is a little demon instead!
    Thanks for linking up to #SummerDays this week


  3. Oh my goodnes I’m so glad it’s not just my kids! If I’m honest I’m a bit like it too! #summerdays


  4. wonderfulandaverage says:

    Haha, yes sounds very familiar! Your boy is very cute by the way xx #summerdays


  5. I have to try my best not to let Jet sleep during the day now, otherwise he will not go to bed nicely! But he is three and a half now, so it was about time for him to drop his nap… I miss it though! I used to get some stuff done back then!
    x Alice


  6. Emma's Mamma says:

    Aw bless him! Yes it sounds very familiar! Still not sure why it happens lol #SummerDays


  7. Aww he looks so sorry for himself on the pic, hope he cheered up a little 🙂 #summerdays


  8. I remember those days. you feel helpless at not understanding their needs. mine, still don’t stop and never take naps anymore. (being older now) #SummerDays


  9. Yes it definitely sounds like something we went through. Now they don’t stop EVER! #summerdays

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