The Day I Realised My Mum Was Makka Pakka…

Today has been a lovely day.

It started well: I woke naturally at 6:50am and even though it was my hubby’s turn to get up with the boy (Saturdays are my “lie in” day) I decided that I would be a nice wife and leave him in bed while I went downstairs with the small one when he promptly woke at 7:15am (a lie in for him too).

After a morning of playing nicely, one and a half Weetabix, a cup of milk and a soiled nappy we got ready and set off to Janma’s (a mixture of Jan – her name – and Grandma) calling at Ocean Drive along the way…sounds posh, it’s the hand car wash! Lucas has never been in one before and he found it so exciting he fell asleep. The complete opposite of me as a child who was terrified of the car wash.

Anyways…I dropped Master Roversi off and went for my two hour appointment at the hairdressers. I’ve not had my hair cut since October so it was in desperate need of a good cut and I wanted something different doing with the colour because I was getting a bit bored.


This was the result of said hair appointment and I am very happy with it. My hairdresser is Robyn France and she’s based at Cream on Leeds Road in Wakefield. She is fantastic at her job, as you can see!

Following this, myself, Janma and Mini R went to Trinity Walk in Wakefield and visited the Next sale where I picked up some bargains for our new home including a lamp, table and decorative bowl. The boy slept soundly in his buggy as I had cleverly planned said shopping trip during his nap time….one point to mummy. Nil points to Mini Roversi.

We went home in time for me to leave my son once again with Janma – thank god for Grandparents – so I could go for my nails doing. Selfish Mummy but we deserve it once in a while. A nice chat and some pale yellow shellac with a little bit of glitter later and I was back with my Mum and the boy attempting to give him some lasagna.

Then it happened……I saw the following:



Every evening once the boy is dressed for bed, we snuggle on the sofa and we watch In The Night Garden. It’s a lovely time where I get loads of cuddles with my son and I love it! For the non-parents or those whose children are too old for ITNG, there is a character called Makka Pakka, he has a sponge and soap, a dryer and a scooter thing and he likes to stack and wash stones. He also washes people faces with said stone which is a little wrong if you ask me! Here he is:


I suddenly realised I’d never seen my mum and Makka Pakka together, I put this with the photo evidence above and decided she is Makka Pakka. So there ya go, my lovely day combined with some weird findings.

Whilst writing this post I’ve also decided that I have apparently gone mad!

Mami 2 Five

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5 Responses to The Day I Realised My Mum Was Makka Pakka…

  1. Katie says:

    Hahaha, love it! Also loving the new hair 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x


  2. Haha love how kids TV helps us see the obvious. She really does like stones doesn’t she 😆


  3. 4128miles says:

    Ooh lush new hair! And interesting discovery…


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