Book Worms…

Every since I first found out I was pregnant, probably before if I’m honest, I looked forward to sitting with my baby and reading a bedtime story. Mini Roversi has only just started “reading” books before bed because he didn’t like any messing around and just wanted his bottle after his bath and then promptly fell asleep! Recently I’ve changed his bedtime routine so he has a bath and then comes downstairs for a bit of In The Night Garden (as weird as that programme is, my boy loves it) and we read a book before milk and bedtime. I’m so pleased this is finally happening so I thought I would do a blog on children’s books that I love 🙂

1) The Tale of Mucky Mabel


A rhyming book about a young “lady” called Mabel who is mistook for a pig from the local farm because of her terrible table manners. My mum used to read this book to me as a child and we can still recite the first few pages by heart between us. If anyone is able to get hold of this book, please let me know as we don’t have it anymore and I so want to read it to my boy.

2) Alpaca Rabbit


(Best image I could find!) Another old book from my childhood about a girl and her toy rabbit who gets lost down the side of the bed. Sad and heartwarming all at the same time. The illustrations are lovely and it mimics any child who has a favourite teddy….I did, Edward still comes on holidays with me and I’m 31!

3) The Dinosaur That Pooped The Planet


Written by two of the McFly boys, this is an hilarious tale of a dinosaur that floats around space eating loads of stuff and then, well I’m sure you can tell by the title – What goes in, must come out! This book came with a little dinosaur for my boy to play with whilst we are reading it which is cute!

4)  That’s Not My….


These books are brilliant for Mini Roversi at the moment because he’s starting to get interested in textures but he doesn’t have a long attention span. Each page has a different texture and describes it and they are only short books – perfect! There are quite a few in the range and we have about six of them. My boy will sit and look at them on his own despite not being able to read or understand but he likes to feel the pages!

5) Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy (and the rest of the range!)


I find this books hilarious! The pictures, the words, the rhyming, everything! Especially Shitzel Von Krumm with a very low tum!

So there ya go! Five books, three from my childhood, that I love, my boy loves or will love in the future. If you’ve not read them, give them a go 🙂

Happy reading!

Please comment if you have read them or read them on my recommendation and let me know what you think. Alternatively you can follow me on twitter @EducatingR and my Facebook page ‘Educating Roversi’.


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30 something wife and Mum to two - L and S. Pyjama wearing blogger, drama teacher, face painter, disney lover, Robbie Williams obsessive and Stationery addict.
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13 Responses to Book Worms…

  1. Angela Milnes says:

    I love Hairy McClary from Donaldsons dairy and hercules morse as big as a horse, bottomley potts, all covered in spots… and so on so on. lol It is written by a New Zealand Author and as I used to be a NZ early years teacher, it’s memorized forever. Thanks for the reminder!

    Angela from


  2. natasham says:

    These all sound good…the Mucky Mabel one looks familiar but can’t be certain I’ve read it. It’s funny how things change…I bet today there would be uproar for calling a girl a pig!? Lol Have you looked on Ebay or Amazon? I was looking for Mr. Pinkwhistle which was a childhood favourite for years and I finally found it on Amazon I think.

    Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks xx


  3. These all sound great 🙂 #happyquacks


  4. These look like great bedtime selections. Reading to my kids at bedtime is some of my most favorite memories ever. I still love it. Even as my 18 yo stopped wanting bedtime stories I had my 8 yo who still needed them. Now we’ve graduated to chapter books we and we take turns reading. I’ll be so sad when he doesn’t want to read with me anymore! But happy as long as he continues to love reading for fun. #happyquacks


  5. I love the ‘Thats not my…’ series. Lovely sensory books. No. 3 looks funny though.


  6. Silly Mummy says:

    I LOVE Mucky Mabel & have since I was a kid – never met anyone else who knows about it! I read it to my toddler the other night, actually! #happyquacks


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