The "Family Car’ and Car Seat Hell.

This week the Roversi’s have a new man in the family – Gary the Golf. Sadly, Benjie, the sexy VW Beetle 2.0 Sport is not compatible with our little boy and my back is breaking trying to lug the little mite in and out of the three door wonder. So we have settled on a VW Golf 1.6 Match….five door.
In the past I have been known to state “I will never have a five door. I will manage with the baby in my beetle.” however I have been proven wrong, something that happens rarely! Gary is more family friendly with his multiple access points but still a little sexy with his shiny white coat, bluetooth technology and lovely entertainment system. ☺️
And with the new car comes the car seat challenge. My hubby and I decided we’d had enough of lugging the baby carrier in and out and wanted a permanent fixture that we could just pop the baby in and out of. Unfortunately, the world of car seats in vast and complicated – who knew?! Options vary from rear facing to forward facing, tilting/no tilting, isofix/seatbelt, Britax, maxi-Cosi, cybex…the list is endless however the main thing that got me was the rear/forward facing situation. I’d done a bit of reading on Babycentre and the keyboard warriors were very pro ERF (Extended Rear Facing) which apparently is proven to be safer, there was also speak of the law changing to ensure that our little people stayed facing the bums of our car for longer so I thought ERF a would be my option. Again, not that simple! If you want an ERF car seat with an isofix you’re looking at a cost of £350!!!!! So I found the Joie Stages which seemed perfect – ERF to 4yo then forward facing to 7yo, all for £150. Did it fit in Gary? Did it eck! Seatbelt wouldn’t fit round it! So what did I do? I did what most modern people do, I took to Facebook and asked my parent friends. Most advised me on certain seats that were forward facing and I realised that I would have to go for this option. My conscience bothered me a bit but I figured that kids have been forward facing for years so it can’t be that bad! I settled on a Maxi-Cosi Tobi.

The main reason – it’s sturdy as a rock. It doesn’t move at all if i tug at it and it’s quite a high seat so my LB can see out of the window. It was £150 and I love how the seat belt fits around it at the top and the bottom. The bubba loves it! Much happier now he can see everyone so my hell is over and actually, car rides could be more peaceful in the future as he actually was happy and playing on our road trip to Chester Zoo today. My moto: Happy Baby, Happy Mummy. 

About Educating Roversi

30 something wife and Mum to two - L and S. Pyjama wearing blogger, drama teacher, face painter, disney lover, Robbie Williams obsessive and Stationery addict.
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