Birthday Fun

Friday the 19th June saw Baby R turn 1 and Mummy R turn 31 and when I had him 365 days ago, a part of me was a bit gutted we shared a birthday – how rubbish for him? I will take a back seat, I thought, so he can enjoy his birthday. Actually, as the big day drew nearer, I found myself properly excited about the whole thing! 
My hubby had agreed to give me a little lie in on Friday as a birthday treat but when my son woke at 7am (a lie in anyway as it’s normally 6am) I was excited for L to see his trike and other presents so we all got up. I went into his room singing Happy Birthday to be greeted with a blank expression. Obviously my newly one year old had no clue what was happening! Ha ha! As with most birthday mornings the day began with lots of present opening…
His main present from us was a SmarTrike 4-in-1 Vanilla. The trike is supposed to be the best present for a one year old, making walks and shopping more fun for them. The little man loves it! I couldn’t believe how grown up he looked in it! It’s dead easy to steer and has a compartment in the back which perfectly fits some nappies and wipes then a little bag at the top for dummies and anything else. I found I could hook my own bag on it too which was helpful ☺️ It grows as they do, so as they become more independent they can steer themselves and eventually it comes a little bike. As well as this we bought him the Tomy egg box which was only £6 from The Entertainer. These eggs have been a hit with many children I know and my son is no exception. Finally we bought him a bubble machine (mainly for his party) and a water drawing pad – a clean way of teaching him to draw! I think he’s still a bit young for it yet as he just tried to chew the pen! 
When we finally we’re all ready to leave the house (a challenge with one child and one husband, hats off to anyone who has more…children that is!) we ventured to Canon Hall Farm. Recently the farm has been refurbished and they have opened a new restaurant/soft play. It was recommended to me by a close friend and as soon as she mentioned I got excited. I try and visit CHF every year, usually around Easter when the baby lambs are there because my Dad used to take me every year. This is a tradition I have continued before I even had my son but now, it’s so much more fun! Mini me saw goats, sheep, lambs, cows and stroked a rabbit and guinea pig. Unfortunately there was an incident with a piglet that, luckily, L was unaware ofnof but I was nearly traumatised on my birthday! A group of piglets (v small ones) were squawking loudly at their mother who was laid down. They eventually all made their way round her so they could feed apart from one little one who was still squeaking and struggling to get around to her, he looked quite small and skinny was I was watching him and (stupidly) calling out directions and encouragement to him to help. Eventually he made it round, he kept stopping still and I thought he was dead but that wasn’t the traumatic bit! As soon as this little one had finally made it round, mummy pug decided she’d had enough (as a mummy who breastfed I knew exactly how she felt!) as she got up she revealed a little piglet who had been squashed under her huge body! 😟 I was very upset by this was watching the little piglet gasp for breath. The other piglets crowded around it for support, the mummy pig came over (after what seemed like a life time!) and gave a it a nudge or two. It eventually got up and started moving about – phew! What a relief! As an animal lover this whole experience left me fairly stressed out and my husband weary of all the other barns we stepped foot in for fear of more upsetting experiences! 
After wandering around the farm we went to the restaurant soft play which is new and id never been in. We had a birthday lunch where Mini Roversi has a kids meal (we normally take food for him) of Macaroni Cheese and chips and then he got some free ice cream! Bonus! The soft play is amazing at Canon Hall. It has a bit sectioned off for Under 5’s. The birthday boy LOVED the bubble tube and even braved the smaller of slides whilst making a new friend – a little boy who was helping him get to the top of the slide. All was going well till he intercepted him at the bottom and BB wasn’t amused it wasn’t Mummy or Daddy. I also have come to the conclusion that Mini Roversi isn’t a massive fan of ball pools. He likes his little one at home, but not the deep ones. I don’t think he likes the fact that he can’t move freely! Lol. 
So that was his birthday, pretty much, On the way home we called at Trinity Walk where L got his feet measured. I think I’ll save that, and his party for other posts and get this one up, it’s finally finished a week after his birthday. Apologies if it’s boring! xxx

About Becky Roversi

Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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