Moving Day

Back on the 1st May I wrote a post called “Packing Up” where I said that hopefully by mid June we should be in our lovely new house. Well unfortunately things haven’t quite gone to plan. We are still moving into our lovely new home but not until the end of July so tomorrow we are moving to what I am calling “The Halfway House” for five weeks and five days, not that I’m counting.
Pretty much all of our house is now packed up and ready for move one of two. It’s not been easy and I’m glad I started six weeks ago because it’s literally took me that long! 
Packing with a nearly one year old around goes along the lines of: 
  • “No, don’t touch that.” 
  • “Oooh look at this exciting toy, oh no, you prefer the box I’m trying to pack.”
  • “Why are taking things out of the box I’ve JUST packed?!”
  • “No Poxy, that is not for you to climb on!” 
It’s highly frustrating and if it wasn’t for my lovely mum and J today, I’d still be packing at 3am. Due to the above sentences being uttered a lot, most of my packing before today has been done on a night when L is in bed or on a Sunday whilst my husband occupies him. 
Surely the second move has to be easier? The plan is to live off the bare minimum, in terms of ‘stuff’, for five weeks and five days and everything else will be piled up in corners out of the way. 
The only issues I have with The Halfway House is how far out of town it is and that we couldn’t have our cat there. Coco is currently residing at Mum’s but last night (her first night) she kept them wake protesting (vocally not physically). This makes me feel really bad about them having to look after her and worried because, if she doesn’t settle, I’ll have no other option but to rehome her because she can’t keep my mum and J up every night for five weeks and five days and we definitely can’t afford a cattery for that amount of time! 
In other news, 
  • This morning I let the boy play with the fridge door from his highchair just so I could get the ingredients for a Chicken Curry in my slow cooker…the chicken curry wasn’t very nice. 
  • My child has a habit of bashing me on the head. This is a worry because he could bash people at nursery. To teach him not to, when he bashed me I gently tapped him on his head. He then started bashing his own head and now bashes me then himself as if that some how makes it okay. How am I going to teach him the ways of the world?! 
  • Loving my nails today – mint convertible with a silver glitter on two fingers. 

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30 something wife and Mum to two - L and S. Pyjama wearing blogger, drama teacher, face painter, disney lover, Robbie Williams obsessive and Stationery addict.
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