The Big Return…

Today marks the end of my first “week” back at work after almost a year off on maternity leave. I only work four days now and Friday is my day off today today marks the beginning of my weekend a also the beginning of half term – whoop. Double bonus. 
I’m not going to lie. The week before I went back to work I was eating ridiculously. No willpower and eating far too many things that are not good for me. I realised I was emotionally eating to combat feelings of returning to work. On Sunday I had the only break down I’ve had when myself and the hubster were supposed to be going to the cinema then I realised that I’d be spending three, possibly more, hours away from my little man that I could be spending with him before four days of barely spending anytime with him. There were tears and we ended up rearranging to next sunday. I just wanted to cuddle him all night…I didn’t because he sleeps well in his cot every night and I’m not stupid enough to muck that delightful part of my life up! 
To be honest, after getting there and being bombard with information, followed by my first lesson which, lets be honest here, was terrible, I found my feet. By Tuesday it felt like I’d never been away. You worry about forgetting things but it’s like riding a bike, it all just comes back to you. Lots of changes at my work since I left so I did have to get a few things confirmed regarding the school day and behaviour system. I feel that by today my lessons were okay. I’m not saying I’d want to be observed any time soon but I do feel that my students learnt something and I had kept them all under control which is all I can ask for in the first week. I actually enjoyed myself a bit! I love my department and the girls I work with. My maternity cover is staying till the end of the year which is ace and I have some lovely friends in other departments so all in all, I was happy to be back. An added bonus was that a lot of people commented on my weight loss, saying I looked great so that was an added confidence boost. Most of my classes are lovely apart from one who I am going to need to be uber strict with…not something I enjoy doing as I like a more relaxed atmosphere within my lessons but I don’t think this group will handle it so tough love for them! 
The one thing I found very weird about being back was that, despite my life changing hugely in the last year, work me was the same. As if I’d not had a baby. I quite liked it. I’d never change things but it was nice to have a bit of the old me back. In addition, I got to eat my lunch in peace and go to the toilet alone. Any mother will know how lovely that is! I also loved looking forward to leaving and seeing my boy 🙂 It made me excited! 
Baby Roversi has settled into nursery excellently. He was with Daddy on Monday and they had a lovely day. Tuesday to today he’s been happily playing with his new friends and key workers. I’ve rung every day to be told he’s fine – phew! What a relief. Although, my clumsy oaf of a son has ended up in the accident book two days out of three – doh! On the first day he fell head first(!) into the dressing up box (only my son) and bumped his head. Apparently he was trying to retrieve his dummy. Today he slipped and bashed him mouth and made it bleed. Luckily he still has all four of his teeth. I have an awful feeling he’s just going to be one of those kids that is constantly getting injured! He’s going to keep me on my toes! 
Now to enjoy half term. I appreciate my time with my boy so much more after only four days away. I’m lucky, even when I go back it’s only seven weeks till summer. 

About Educating Roversi

30 something wife and Mum to two - L and S. Pyjama wearing blogger, drama teacher, face painter, disney lover, Robbie Williams obsessive and Stationery addict.
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