Slimming Progress

Since writing my first post on joining Slimming World back in January, I have lost two stones in weight. I am the slimmest I have been in a long while and, although I’m not at my target yet, I’m pleased at my progress so far. 
(Photo courtesy of Slimming World website)
From the new year through to Easter I was “on it”. Very focused, willpower full power and on plan the majority of days. After Easter my focused mind began to wander slightly and I have found it harder. I seem to want sweet stuff more and have less self control to say no. I don’t think it helps that people have been noticing my weight loss and commenting how good I look and I am feeling more self confident too. 
However I desperately want to get to target and although I couldn’t make group yesterday due to a sickness bug (see previous post) and I can’t make next week because I’m back at work I am determined to stay on plan and lose the last 7.5 pounds I need to get to target. I did wonder about extending my target but I’m struggling as it is so it’s probably not a good idea at the moment. 
I thought I’d share my five top tips for being successful as a way of helping others and motivating myself!
1) Write a food diary. They supply them at Slimming World group or you can order a little book from eBay (unofficial but good if you don’t want loads of paper). By writing everything you eat and drink down, you can’t hide from it and you can keep track of your syns easier. I also highlight S food in a coloured highlighter and P food in another colour so I can see if I’m lacking anything.
2) Always measure your Healthy A and B – it’s far too easy to say “Oh thats probably the right amount of cereal/milk/cheese etc.” and actually you could be adding quite a lot of syns to your meal. 
3) Stay to group. Harder than it seems sometimes. By the time you’ve got weighed, another hour there when you’ve had a long day at work could seem like a nightmare however if you stay you will:
a) make friends which will make the groups more pleasant
b) get tips for increasing your weight loss
c) get praised for your good efforts which everyone likes!
4) If you like sweet stuff – get a treat box. I have a box with a lid that lives on top of the tallest cupboard in the kitchen. In it are nice treats that are all marked up with syns in black marker. They are all worth between 3.5 (Milkybar) and 7 syns (Curly Wurly). This means that if I really want something I have to make an effort to get the box down from the tall cupboard and I have the syns there so i can make a good choice based on what other syns I’ve had that day.
5) Don’t see it as a diet. See it as a new way of life where nothing is off limits. Everything in moderation is key to sticking with it and success. 
So if you haven’t joined yet and you are thinking about it, do it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be, if you’ve joined but are struggling with motivation – join my club! Ha ha, only joking. Re-read your books, stay to group and post every meal on your group Facebook page if you need. 

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