The day I was hit with sickness…

The one thing that strikes fear in most mums is getting ill. Especially if you don’t have lots of people you can rely on to help you out, and even if you do you can feel guilty asking! I have loads of family and friends that are willing to help however most work full time so when, like today, you wake up and wonder who rode over you with a big truck, you are a little stuck! 
I had made a bargain with the husband that he would do both mornings at the weekend and I would do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning to return. My darling boy woke me at 5am (hurts just writing it) and straight away I thought my tummy felt weird. Anyways we got up and went downstairs and began playing, my son is his usual happy self (do not know where he gets his like for mornings from – definitely not a trait from me or his father!) and I manage to lay on the sofa watching him play. Unfortunately it all went down hill from there, at 6:30am I ran upstairs to commit up last nights carbonara which had be lovingly prepared by my kind husband (too much information?). I shouted out for him to go downstairs and watch Lucas while I continued. After this I went downstairs and was ordered to bed despite hubs working long days and having not had much sleep over the weekend. After putting up a bit of an argument I did as I was told but obviously he had to go to work so I surfaced from my pit around 9am. 
Now usually, Baby R sleeps for an hour to an hour and a half during his morning nap, going down between 9:15am and 9:45am without much of a fight. This has took time. I let him do it on his own. I have not sleep trained him. On an afternoon, if we are out, he will sleep in the car or buggy, if at home he will go in the cot but it’s a little more of a fight and now i’ve stopped breastfeeding it’s not as simple as popping a boob out. Once down we usually get another hour out of him at least. Today, sods law, he slept for 40 minutes both morning and afternoon. Typical. When all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa and have a snooze which would hopefully get me through the afternoon and bath/bed routine. 

Looking after Mummy
Luckily for me, he was having a good day mood wise and played nicely with all his toys whilst I observed from the sofa. With the except of after his afternoon nap when he woke up clingy and upset. I knew I’d had it too good in the morning. It turned out this was down to him still being tired – not bloody surprised when his naps had been so short – and he cuddled up to me on the sofa and fell asleep again. Great – a sleeping baby and cuddles. It’s a lovely thing that doesn’t happen as much these days. 

It’s amazing how long he spent playing with this tub and a few balls.
A low point of today has definitely been the second occasion I ended up over the toilet because my poor baby wondered why I’d ran off and sat at the bottom of the stairs crying his eyes out. Oh and tea time where I made him a pasta in a tomato and cheese sauce because he is guaranteed to eat it but obviously not this time! I could have cried  when he began spitting it out. 
Thankfully an angel appeared not long after tea in the form of Janma, my lovely mum who watched In The Night Garden with mini Roversi (I think she loves those Pontypines more than he does) and then bathed him and put him to bed. Legend. Unfortunately, unlike every other night, the little mite had other ideas and wouldn’t settle down to sleep. I think it was the extra nap that went on till past 5pm (not ideal when you want them in bed for 7/7:30pm.) so i ended up sat in his dark room cuddling him until he settled which I’ve not had to do for AGES! 
Really I should now be going to sleep but it’s only 8:30pm and I know I won’t go to sleep for another hour at least. I’m fearful tomorrow I will also feel rubbish but hoping a good night sleep will sort me out. On top of this, I have a worrying feeling that it will be an unsettled night. Let’s hope not. 
It’s so bloody annoying that I have wasted a day of my last week due to illness. The bonus is that if i get ill in the future i think work would be easier to get through than having my son for the day! 
I’ve felt like a rubbish mummy today. The guilt that comes with Motherhood is the worst, but thats probably a topic for another post on another day! 
NOTE: husband would have usually come home to help but he has a lack of staff at the moment so it was impossible. 

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