Mama, I love you….

Mama, I Love You
Today has been the day that we celebrate the amazing, super human species known as the Mother. This year I feel I have had a very different take on Mother’s Day to previous years as I am one and I know how hard it can be. 
Before I became a mother, I don’t think I would have referred to mums as “super human” but some of my mummy friends definitely are and I take my (imaginary as I am in my PJ’s) hat off to them! There will definitely be a post in the future dedicated to my Mum friends, particularly the NCT group, but for this one, I want to focus on one lady.
My mothers day this year and every year is dedicated to my wonderful Mum. 


I genuinely believe that, although my mum didn’t do amazing at school, the life experience she has means that she has advice for everything. Throughout the 30 years since having me, she has done all she can to give me a happy, safe home and, at times, that meant putting my needs before her own. She wouldn’t mind me saying that she’s not had the easiest life, with two divorces under her belt, what she has experienced would be enough to make anyone give up but she soldiered on, because of me. We stuck together and some of my happiest times where when just me and her lived together in a little two bed terrace house, with “not a bean” as she would say. 
I am pleased that she now has a great man who is the person she was always meant to be with. He is perfect for her, calms her, doesn’t bite when she’s snappy, in fact, she refuses to argue with her which is funny. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we argue and clash, we can really rub each other up the wrong way at times but it doesn’t matter, because we are mother and daughter and will always be a team. I look nothing like her, something which does perturb her but personality wise, we are very very similar. However I am more laid back than her 🙂
(Baby R looks like a doll in this picture)
I know that throughout my entire life, my mums advice/sayings will be whirling around in my head. She will be the voice on my shoulder always. Whether it be “Think on Mrs Pickering” when I may be thinking of doing something I shouldn’t, or “Going now am I.” when she leaves OR “Take your coat off Auntie Vera” which was used today to my niece – ha ha – my mums voice is my conscience, my confidant, my best friend and my teacher. Quite simply, she rocks. 
She may never read this as she’s not tech savvy, but if she does….Love ya Mama xxx


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